Computer Kiosk

Self-service solutions take a do-it-yourself approach that many in the millennial generation are accustomed to from growing up in the age of information technology. Health screening, or selfservice health assessment, is one of those approaches

The prognosis kiosks help users assess blood pressure, BMI, weight and pulse. Patient data is sent electronically to a health care provider and is accessible remotely. The program is designed to cut waiting times and missed appointments by providing closer and more convenient care to patients.

  1. Events Badge printing to fast track delegates with pre-registered tickets using barcode scanner. Barcode scanner and badge printer are integrated into kiosk.
  2. Schools Registration kiosks to allow visitors to register themselves before entering the school, against a pre defined visitor/check list.
  3. Retail and showrooms Pay your mobile bill, buy a top up card, or perform account updates.
  4. Industrial Digital job cards, recording task data, reporting issues and project reports
  5. Corporate Visitor registration facility (printing badges), facility for staff to update details for HR purposes
  6. Government Citizens can print government ID cards directly at the Kiosk
  7. Healthcare Check in for appointments, pay for prescriptions