Electronic Eco Toilet

E2T (Electronic ECO Toilet) are maintainable public toilets which have self-cleaning mechanisms. Even if the user forgets to flush the toilet, the toilet will get flushed automatically. In addition, a floor and wall cleaner will function automatically after four to ten visits. Fans and lights will start functioning only when the toilet is in use. There is also an automatic pre-flush when a person enters inside. It has power and water backup for its users in case of sudden power outage or water discontinuation. The toilets will be disabled for any new entry when backup or water gets depleted. The entry to the toilets can be restricted with coins or smart-cards or more generally, using button press. Women friendly E2T(Electronic ECO Toilet) will have women-friendly features such as Sanitary Pad Vending Machine, Incinerators to destroy used sanitary pad.

Unique Features
  1. AUTO TOILET CLEANING SYSTEM keeps toilet clean and hygiene after every use.
  2. GSM / GPRS technolgy to analyze the data through web enable platform
  3. UPS to provide battery backup for almost a week long.
  4. OVERHEAD WATER TANK to fulfill daily need of 500 liter quantity.
  5. The Aluminum Composite Panel Provides safety to the toilet from all weather.
  6. Foam Provides temperature insulation to maintain the pleasant temperature inside the toilet.
  7. Stainless Steel of Grade 304 Keeps clean and hygiene innerenvironment of toilet.
  • AT-E2T-MDL1
  • AT-E2T-MDL2
  • AT-E2T-MDL3
  • Single
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Male / Female / Disabled
  • Male + Female
  • Male + Female + Disabled