Pet Bottle Shredder Reverse Vending Machine

PET Bottle Shredder offers an alternative way to recycle bottled containers in an efficient, convenient, and incentivizing way. This mechanism is easy to manage, conveniently placed, efficient, and resourceful at recycling. Due to its simplistic process and positive intention of helping the environment rather than being uselessly dumped in garbage bins. PET Bottle Shredder is becoming popularized worldwide

The reverse vending machine (RVM) is a device that takes empty and used bottles or cans, then returns money or other forms of incentivization to the recycler, depending on the quantity of receptacles recycled.

  1. Object Verification System
  2. Material of the cutter of shredder : Hardened Special Alloy Steel
  3. Safety Features : a. Door open cut off switch b. Motor should be trips off in case of waste loading lid is open c. Short circuit protection
  4. Material of body: Mild Steel
  5. Material grabbed between two counter rotating shaft
  6. Suitable for Disposal of Municipal Waste such as PET bottle,Aluminium cans & Tetra pack by shredding.