Sanitary Pad Incinerator

Problem of accumulated menstrual is the fact that menstrual blood on napkins stagnates for longer duration, thus allowing pathogens to thrive in it. Stagnant menstrual blood accumulates a lot of bacteria such as Escherichia coli, which rapidly multiplies at an exponential rate. The red blood cells in the menstrual blood nourish the bacteria and emit a foul odour when they die. Heaps of sanitary napkins with a large amount of disease causing bacteria on them pose a significant threat to the hygiene in the surrounding areas. In an effort promote proper disposal of menstrual waste and promote the Swachh Bharat Mission, sanitary pad incinerators. Sanitary Napkin Incinerator is used for instant disposal of used napkins in a very scientific & hygienic way. It is specially designed to destroy up to 25 napkins at a time and 100 per day. It is the best solution for destroying sanitary napkin and converting it to sterile ash. The unit is prepared with M.S. Powder Coating for good look and avoid corrosion. It’s automatic and works on domestic electrical supply. It is idle for sanitary napkin disposal & small clinical waste. Our system for sanitary napkin disposal is eco-friendly, helps to avoid drainage line chock-ups and having very easy & safe operation. It is a convenient and safe method to destroy napkin. It helps to maintain a pollution free environment.