We Established And Announced Ourselves In  Feb 2020 And Come  Full-Fledged To Serve The Universe By The Name Of “Universe Saviour Foundation” Under Sec -8 .We Want To Spread Our Wings And Work As Helping Hands For All Those Amenities Deprived People Who Are In Need Out There And That Only Makes Us Humans As A True Human Is Always There To Help Out The Other Human In Need.

       “Human Are Born To Take Care Of Nature” 

                                 “Nature Is The Responsibility Of Humans.”

Founder's Profile

 Mr. AKASH” The Founder Of ” Universe Saviour Foundation. The Foundation Is Fully Devoted To Serve The Universe In Vivid Ways Whereas It’s Environment, Women ,Right To Education, Health Or Sanitation Or Anything That Need Help To Help Out The Humanity.Before He  Established The Universe Saviour Foundation. He Has Been Working In The Field Of Spirituality And Is A Well Known Name In Giving Training To People In Third Eye Meditation,Life Coach, NLP,DMIT And Hypnosis He Is A Hypnosis Practitioner At Internationally Level And Had Achieved More Than 475+ Awards Till Date. Working In Healing Field He Generated Interest In Serving Nature Like Feeding More Than 500+ Birds  Daily In His Office Premises And Taking And Taking Healing From Plants And Tress He Generated His Duty For Nature And Starts Planting Trees In All His Belongings  Till Date We Have Planted More That 11000+ Trees Out Of Passion But Now We Think It’s Important And A Duty For Humans To Do This To Save Mother Earth. It Leads To Serving Animals As They Are Very Important Part And We Believe  In Taking Care From  Small Ants To Street Dogs. And Putting All Efforts To Save The Mother Earth.

Our Mission And Vision

                           Mission & Vision 

A Glad, Solid And Imaginative Youngster Whose Rights Are Secured And Regarded In A General Public That Is Based On Regard For Pride, Equity And Value For All. 

Strategic To Empower Individuals To Assume Liability For The Circumstance Of The Denied Indian Youngster Thus Rouse Them To Look For Goals Through Individual And Aggregate Activity Along These Lines Empowering Kids To Understand Their Maximum Capacity .

To Cause Individuals To Find Their Potential For Activity And Change 

To Empower People Groups’ Cooperatives And Developments Including Different Sections, To Vow Their Specific Qualities, Working In Organization To Make Sure About, Ensure And Respect The Privileges Of India’s Youngsters.

Values And Guiding principles


We As A Whole Know The Well Known Saying “Well Being Is Wealth”. By Well Being We Don’t Mean The Nonappearance Of Physical Difficulties As It Were. Be That As It May, It Is A Condition Of Complete Physical;, Mental And Social Prosperity. The Loss Of Well Being Is Loss Of All Satisfaction. India Has Made Quick Walks In The Well Being Segment Since Freedom. In Any Case, Different Educational Information From NINTHS Plainly Show That Entrance To Medicinal Services Despite Everything Stays A Test. 

While The Well Being Insights Of Country India Keep On Being Poor, The Well Being Status And Access To Well Being For The Poor In Urban Ghetto Occupants Has Surfaced To Be Similarly Woeful And Have Under 4% Of Government Essential Human Services Offices.