Digital Marketing

Overview of Digital Marketing

This module will cause you to comprehend about the center about Digital promoting as Digital showcasing is the technique and procedures that associate publicists with their crowds across advanced channels.

Basic Of Digital Marketing

This module will ensure to understand digital marketing better and the modules comprise of digital marketing. it will create relation between all the platform  for better understanding.

Website planning

This module will lead to create your own non coded website or a website  without codes. we’ll learn about website creation and designing with  Beautiful templates & the latest market trends.

Content Marketing

Digital marketing or any marketing strategies do follow the content very strongly . It’s not just writing a piece of paper but also follow the strict marketing standards for content here we’ll learn all the strategies for marketing our content.

Search Engine optimization

Seo is a clear strategy of making your website or any particular page to rank on google search engine  which ultimately leads to 43% increase in business growth with no monetary promotion. here we’ll learn the strategies to rank on google search engines.

Social Media Marketing smm

What is Social Media ?Understanding the current Social Media ideal models and brain research How Social Media Marketing is not quite the same as others Types of Internet Marketing

Facebook Marketing,LinkedIn  ,Marketing ,YouTube Marketing, Instagram Marketing

Google Adwords or Lead Genrations​

What is Lead Generation

Set Business Goals

Set Goals

Decide any key performance measures Benchmark before launching

Entire Prospects

Define you target Create content

Publish in Social Channel The role of SEO

Make your website design inviting

Ÿ Convert Prospects to Qualified Leads Create a  compelling  offer Create a call to action .your landing page Create an effective form Develop a database Raise vs Lower your lead quality

Use Keyword to identify the opportunity