Our Initiatives

We as a whole know the well known saying “Well being is Wealth”. By well being we don’t mean the nonappearance of physical difficulties as it were. Be that as it may, it is a condition of complete physical;, mental and social prosperity. The loss of well being is loss of all satisfaction. India has made quick walks in the well being segment since freedom. In any case, different educational information from NINTHS plainly show that entrance to medicinal services despite everything stays a test. While the well being insights of country India keep on being poor, the well being status and access to well being for the poor in urban ghetto occupants has surfaced to be similarly woeful and have under 4% of government essential human services offices. 

Urban ghetto inhabitants experiences different well being conditions infer able from predominantly two reasons – first the absence of training and in this manner absence of mindfulness; and second the reluctance to lose a day’s compensation so as to arrive at the closest clinical office. Medicinal services for oppressed, which is a urgent need, hence stays unaddressed. 


In such a situation a free ordinary clinical facility has been opened in ghetto zones of our national capital. at our free clinical center Doctors and paramedical staff from famous government and non-government clinical emergency clinics analyzed patients, gave free clinical meeting in territories of general medication, dental treatment, Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure Testing, open cleanliness and recommended, dispersed free mess, led free clinical tests for poor people and destitute.